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Revolution Dance Explore Dance Classes EXPLORE DANCE
Intended for children aged 3-4, this class explores music with movements from various styles of dance. The first portion of the class is geared towards technical elements of ballet and jazz and the second portion of the class is free dance allowing the kids to explore their own movement and self expression.    
Revolution Dance Jazz Classes JAZZ
Jazz is one of the modern styles of dance typically done to upbeat pop music.This is a great class for kids who have lots of energy. Our jazz program has a strong foundation in ballet.   
Revolution Dance Tap Dance Classes TAP
A long time favorite tap is a style of dance where dancers use shoes with metal taps on them to create syncopated rhythms to current music and sometimes A'Capella. A great class for any child who has lots of energy and loves to make noise!  
Revolution Dance Ballet Classes BALLET
This is a set of graded classes that is based on the RAD syllabus which is recognized globally for the instruction of ballet. For class schedules check here.  
Revolution Dance Hip-Hop Classes Hip-Hop Dance Classes
Freestyle in nature this type of dance refers to styles primarily danced to hiphop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.      

Registration for our 2017/2018 dance season is open.

We now have online registration, use our Online Registration page to sign up today!

For additional information regarding registration including a downloadable class schedule visit our Registration Page.

Classes begin September 5, 2017. 


Revolution Dance Studios is a Dance Studio in South (SE) Calgary offering Dance Classes for kids of all ages including Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tap, Lyrical, Pointe, Musical Theater, Explore Dance (2-4yr) & Hip-Hop.

Revolution Dance Studios


Revolution Dance Studios is a multidisciplinary dance studio offering dance classes for all ages. Classes include:

  • Dance Classes - Kids Ages 2+ Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Stretch, Jazz Tech, Ballet Tech and Explore Dance Classes for pre-school kids;
  • Come try one of our dance classes today!

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