Kortney Relf - Studio Director


Kortney Relf Kortney has been dancing since the age of three in and around the Calgary area.

She trained and competed for 15 years before joining a local company, Wildcard Productions. Over her 5 years with Wildcard she danced in various shows and events and developed strong friendships with the other dancers.

She has also taught at various studios around Calgary, getting to know and understand different teaching philosophies. She has won several choreography awards at various competitions around Alberta and B.C. and developed a passion for the art of choreography.

In 2009 she was asked to do choreography for a local production of West Side Story. She was thrilled for the opportunity and in doing that show she realized her dream was to own a dance studio. She decided to follow her passion and open Revolution Dance Studios  in the fall of 2011.

Kortney’s vision for the studio is an environment in which every dancer is recognized for his or her strengths, the students and staff appreciate each other for the individuals they are. It is from this vision that the curriculum and teaching philosophies for Revolution Dance Studios have been developed.

From Ballet to Hip Hop all of the instructors are bound to this vision and this strong foundation is something which Kortney plans to further build Revolution Dance Studios.