Q: How much are fees?

A: The cost per class is dependent on the length of the class and how many classes you are enrolled in. Rates are available upon request. 

Q: How long do classes run for?

A: Registered children's dance classes run once a week from the beginning of September until the end of June. Studio Closure Dates may affect some classes so please be sure to check your child's schedule around long weekends and holidays.

Q: How do I register for Classes?

A: See our Registration tab and register easily online!

Q: What should my child wear to his or her first class?

A: If they do not have the required dance attire as per our 'What to Wear' section of our website they can wear any clothes that they can move around in along with socks or indoor shoes. FIRST CLASS ONLY.

Q: Does my child have a class today?

A: Unless listed as a studio closure date classes will run as scheduled. Click on the links to see our studio closure dates and class schedule.