Ms. Laura

Laura started dancing at the age of three and has continued to follow her passion ever since. Studying all forms of dance, Laura has participated in dance competitions and festivals across Western Canada receiving many awards and scholarships along the way. Through her studio, Laura was given the opportunity to dance in Disneyland, perform on four Carnival cruise ships and for an all-inclusive resort in Mexico.

Laura continues to further her dance education as she enters her second year at the University of Calgary pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Dance. Through her program she has studied under two of the founders of Decidedly Jazz Danceworks concentrating on contemporary and jazz dance. Furthermore, to expand her professional training, Laura is currently working to receive her Healthy Dance Practice Certificate under Safe in Dance International.

More recently, Laura has danced for a Kids Cancer Care Fundraiser. She is a backup dancer for V. Fons Productions, dancing in three concerts with various famous artists from the Philippines. In addition, Laura has danced at a fundraiser for the Filipino Olympic Bobsled team and at Calgary International Arts and Festival Week, LUSH Fashion Show. Laura is excited to share her love for dance with a young generation of aspiring dancers.

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