Small Class Sizes

Revolution Dance Studios focuses on keeping all of our classes small, so that our instructors have the opportunity to give personal attention to each of our students.


Revolution Dance Studios offers many class styles for all ages. Including introductory classes known as 'explore dance' for younger children. There are options for recreational classes as well as competition classes. We hold a year end recital for everyone to participate in and the competition student are involved in 2-3 competitions a year.

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Recreational and Competition

Our recreational program is for those students looking to take dance classes for fun. We offer recreational classes from age 2 (Mommy and Me Classes starting in October) all the way up to age 18. Our TEEN classes for perfect for those dancers aged 13+ that would like to get into dance either for the first time or back after a hiatus. All of our recreational students aged 5 and up get to participate in our year end recital too!

Whether you are recreational or a previous competition member, we invite you to sign up for competition. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to do competition and we can accommodate this by grouping students by age, experience and ability. Competition is a wonderful opportunity for students to perform and become more comfortable on stage. We participate in 3-4 competitions a year in Calgary as well as of out of town.

Free Trial Classes

Revolution Dance Studios offers classes for all ages and levels of experience where you can try before you buy. Revolution offers dancers one free trial class in each style of dance to ensure that your student enjoys the class, is comfortable with the instructor, and wants more. See our Class Schedule and Class Description page and make a reservation for your free trial today!


Birthday Parties

Does your dancer have a birthday coming up? Revolution Dance Studios is the place to P.A.R.T.Y! Princess Parties to Hip Hop Dance Offs and Everything in Between! Ages 3 – Teen Pick from one of our Dance themed packages to make your dancers birthday the BEST one yet!

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Join Us!

Dancing with Revolution means being part of a tight knit community. We are passionate about sharing our love of dance with our students and upholding the integrity of our art. It is important to us to offer a wide variety of disciplines and opportunities for our dancers and support them in achieving their goals. We offer program options including fun recreational classes and competitive classes. There is a place for everyone in our community and we would love the opportunity to have you join us!