Studio Policy

Monthly Tuition Policy for Registered Dance Classes

Our dance year includes ~35 classes over a 10 month period (session). Tuition is due the first day of each month in this 10 month period. We accept e-cheque or Credit Card including Visa or Mastercard, we are unable to accept Debit, Debit-Visa, or American Express.

Tuition is the same amount each month regardless if it is a three or five week month. Money is not refunded for missed classes for any reason. Account statements will not be sent out unless your account is overdue.

There is a $15 processing fee for all past due accounts. After the 10th of the month a $15 late fee will be added to your account. There is a $15 charge for all NSF or returned payments. If your account falls behind more than 2 months, your child’s enrollment may be cancelled.

Payment Procedure Policy

Payment options are in full at the time of registration or monthly. All monthly payments are due on the first of the month. All monthly payments are on automated schedules and cannot be altered.

Registration fees, Costume fees, and Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you chose to withdraw at any time during the year you will not be liable for the remainder of the year’s tuition however the deposit will be kept.


Class availability is on a first come basis. ALL students are required to update their contact information at time of registration whether they are new or returning. ALL students are required to accept the studio policy and have their waivers signed off on at time of registration each year whether they are new or returning.

Refund/Cancellation/Class Withdrawal Policy

No refund will be given for missed classes. Classes that are cancelled by the studio will be rescheduled.

We require WRITTEN notice of cancelling/withdrawing from any classes. Any stop payments on fees will commence 30 days following when notice is given. We do not refund fees for partial months. Any fees that are within the 30 day cancellation period will be billed. Dancers are welcome to attend classes within the cancelation period if they wish.

If you choose to withdraw and have paid your entire year’s fees upfront you will be refunded the fees for which services have not been performed less the 30 day cancelation period.

Parent Observation

Classes will be conducted with the doors closed to protect the privacy of the students in the class.

It is very disturbing to the students and the teachers when there is a lot of noise in the lobby. Parents will not be permitted into the dance studio. At various times throughout the year parents are invited into the class to serve as a practice audience for the dancers (parent viewing).

Studio Bulletin Board/Blackboard and Emails

A bulletin board and a chalkboard are available with announcements for you to view and read in the studio lobby. Please take the time to scan them regularly to keep informed of studio happenings and/or announcements.

In lieu of printing and mailing information we are going green and paper free and EMAIL out our monthly newsletters. Please keep your email address updated to continue receiving information. All studio closure dates such as recitals and picture days will be in the studio monthly newsletter each month.

Dress Code Policy 

Hair must be in a bun for ALL classes apart from Acro, for which hair must be in a French braid.

Proper attire, including tights and shoes, must be worn for each class as outlined in the studio dress code.


All absences are to be reported to the studio prior to the student missing via email. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and kept track of throughout the year. It is important that your child attends dance class every week. Good attendance is imperative to the success of your dancer.

Absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class, and the studio cannot jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. If a student misses too many lessons they may fall behind the rest of the class and may be asked not to perform the recital.

If attendance becomes a problem you will be contacted by the studio via email.

Recital and Recital Ticket Policy

All studio fees must be paid in full or your child will not be permitted to participate in the recital. Tickets will go on sale at a predetermined date prior to the recital and will be rush seating. Tickets are only available at the studio office prior to the show. There will be NO photos and/or video recording allowed at the recital to protect the privacy and safety of the dancers.

Lobby Rules

1. Students must wait inside the building to be picked up.
2. No student is permitted to leave the building without an adult.
3. All students must use the restroom BEFORE they enter class.
4. Please try to keep the lobby as quiet and clean as possible!
5. Students must use the shelves and the hangers for their belongings located in the back hallway. The front lobby is for shoes and waiting parents only.
6. Please do not interrupt a teacher while a class is in session. If you need to speak to the teacher, please do so before or after the class.
7. Running and Tapping on the lobby floors are not permitted.
8. Please do not let children bang on the glass door.
9. We are not responsible for unsupervised children!

Classroom Rules

1. No food or drinks (apart from water) are permitted in the dance studios. You must keep all food and drinks in the lobby!
2. Students are not permitted to chew gum in the dance studios.
3. Absolutely no street shoes past the lobby. This includes parents and guests. (Street shoes are what you wear into the building)
4. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside for any reason.
5. All students must be in proper dress code while attending class. Including appropriate shoes.
6. Parents are not permitted to walk their children into the dance room. The teacher will greet them at the door and bring them into the classroom. Please do not go into the classroom to pick them up. After the class the teacher will bring them out to the lobby.
7. Class will be conducted with the doors closed. This will avoid distractions from the lobby.
8. Please make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes early for class.
9. Children should not touch mirrors or windows.

Disruptive Behavior Policy

We will make every effort to work with the students to encourage personal responsibility for their actions. We do take into consideration their age, but do respect the rules to be followed. In the event that behavior is disrupting class it may result in the following:

-Not Getting A Sticker
At the end of each class students who obey all of the rules (under a certain age) are rewarded with a sticker on their hand. This includes listening to the teacher, and dancing when instructed.

-Initial Consultation
The director may require the parent(s) of any child who attends the studio to meet for a conference. The problem will be defined on paper. Goals will be established and the parent will be involved in creating approached towards solving the problem.

Discard Policy

Revolution Dance Studios reserves the right to refuse business to anyone. The studio reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:
1. Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees.
2. Not observing the rules and/or policies of the studio
3. Child has special needs which we cannot adequately meet with our current program.
4. Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or children, by a parent or child.

Privacy Policy

Revolution Dance Studios recognizes and respects the privacy of each visitor to the Revolution Dance Studios Website and each performance. This Privacy Policy explains Revolution Dance Studios treatment of your personally identifiable information collected in connection with your activities on or related to Revolution Dance Studios. We believe in giving you full disclosure about the kinds of information we gather and what we do with it, and in giving you a choice about the use of your personal information. Revolution Dance Studios reserves the right to alter our privacy principles as business needs require. Any alterations to these principles will be posted on our website in a timely manner.

Personal Information

Revolution Dance Studios collects personal information when you make a purchase or a contribution, register as a patron, request information on our products and services, participate in a promotion or an online survey, contact Revolution Dance Studios with a question or suggestion, enter contests, or attend special events. Depending on the nature of your interaction with us, we may ask you for information such as your name, phone number, physical address, employment information, email address, credit card information including expiration date and billing address, and product preferences.

Your personal information may be used by us (or third parties engaged by us) to: (1) customize the advertising and the content that you see, (2) fulfill your requests for products and services, (3) contact you, (4) conduct research, (5) respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process, and (6) establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.​

We will never sell your information to any other third party. Personally identifiable information used for marketing purposes will always be presented as anonymous, aggregate data. No individual will be singled out.

Revolution Dance Studios will from time to time conduct voluntary surveys of visitors to the site to obtain demographic information about them. Such information may be compiled and shared in an anonymous, aggregate format, with advertisers and other third parties, but no personal details will be traceable or associated with specific individuals. If you provide your email address, Revolution Dance Studios may contact you periodically with special offers, updated information and new services. Any emails sent to you by Revolution Dance Studios offer you the option to be removed from the email mailing list.

Anonymous Information

Types of non-personally identifiable information include IP addresses, browser Information, advertising Information, and cookies.

All anonymous information is used only to measure site activity and to develop ideas for improving our sites. So, when you come back to visit us again, we can tailor information to suit your individual preferences. We use anonymous information to customize information for our users and to help us display information in the best format for you. The goal is to save you time and provide you with a more meaningful visit.

Links to Other Websites

Our websites will link to other websites and services from time to time. Revolution Dance Studios will always attempt to associate with only the most trustworthy partners who share our high standards regarding privacy. Nevertheless, we are not responsible for the content of and privacy practices of any other companies or websites.

Security and Disclaimer

Security of your personably identifiable information is of prime importance to all of us at Revolution Dance Studios. Access to this information is limited and will be used according to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Although we use security that we believe to be appropriate to protect your personal information, we do not guarantee that our security precautions will protect against, and we expressly disclaim any liability for, any loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information.